How to unroot HTC EVO 3d ON hboot 1.50 on 2.3.4 and lock bootloader

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This is Probably the first video on YouTube showing you how to unroot the evo 3d on hboot 1.50.0000 and that’s on 2.3.4 this is only showing how to put your evo 3d back on locked on your boot loader if you did this with the htc unlock method from htcdev.com and will unroot the evo 3d back to full stock the only things you will keep are music and photos ! Here is the rootevo3dnew link for download downloadandroidrom.com Here the stock Ruu rom for the evo 3d link download : www.filefactory.com just click slow download then on to the captcha wait 50 seconds then click slow download for it to start downloading! Message me with any problems Thanks rate comment subscribe Like the video add me as friend if you want ! Thanks !

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24 Responses to “How to unroot HTC EVO 3d ON hboot 1.50 on 2.3.4 and lock bootloader”

  1. C10uDP0nda says:

    i got the ruu downloaded but the install wizard wont start up. this works well but it just doesn’t work for me

  2. mastervic47 says:

    I have been trying to unroot my evo for months THANKS A LOT WORKS GREAT

  3. burakkuburusuri says:

    i have problems, with my sprint htc evo 3d phone also with the same issue that tsims73 got, but i wanna have custom viperROM installed, i got Hboot 1.5 also…..got any suggestions??? and i wanna keep my contacts etc. blackbrucelee@mail.com is my contact or this forum

  4. arthurullrich says:

    ok but i need to return it to carrier and it says relocked… thats no good.

  5. hotroddder8878 says:

    Thanks dude!!!!!!!!!!! Wow I would have been screwed!!!

  6. dowayne09 says:

    you areeee the fuckin bestttttt no homo

  7. pyromoro says:

    would it say relocked or locked in the bootloader after installing ruu shooter file ….cuz if it’s “relocked” not “locked” …dat’ll void da warranty …and i really dont wanna void da warranty !

  8. bumthug305 says:


  9. css360 says:

    Hey, would you by any chance have another link to the RUU file?
    Been trying for two days with no luck from that link ..
    I also live in Miami Lakes

  10. Eli5047 says:

    my software on my htc evo 3d says 2.3.3, not 2.3.4. I have tried this method anyways and ruu says i need to get the right ruu. Cant find it…seems like 2.3.3 belongs to evo 4g but not the 3d. Any suggestions?

  11. TheMRCOOL101 says:

    when i run the ruu it doesnt let me update it or restore it ……. i need help plz

  12. kevinmntwinsfan says:

    I am almost done and appreciate this very much. I had plenty of issues when my phone was rooted using custom roms. It was frustrating. I tried using a bunch of different roms but now am happy to have my phone as stock once again. There were no real advantages for me in having a rooted phone.

  13. wleibrook says:

    The second link is trash- any other place to download this shooter file?

  14. jimbonz501 says:

    When I get to CMD it keeps saying “waiting on device.” File in C Drive is unzipped. Any suggestions?

  15. gregcle83 says:

    i have the same problem and im trying to unroot my phone.When you unroot your phone it stop going crazy??.

  16. WillsiPhoneCraze says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  17. nessolution says:

    Great Video, Work 100%

  18. ecuadorianchico says:

    the command prompt says waiting for device…. please help!

  19. Carlosmtz57 says:

    Is the download file for mac too

  20. tsemiu says:

    man ur awesome! Ive been trying to figure out how to unroot for so long! everything i tried failed. my phones had some serious problems, such as a software glitch that caused my screen to do crazy things on its own. thanks for this man, it worked great and very easy to follow.

  21. joenews says:

    You need to have the file unzipped

  22. escorpion3ful says:


  23. levicalhoun1105 says:

    do dance ass remix lol

  24. eVoRomS says:

    it’s cause you need to boot into fastboot. most roms come with different kernels, and the only way to flash those are through fastboot usb. you did nothing wrong

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